Happy 4th Birthday

When we were hanging pictures and such up in Abby’s room to get ready for her arrival – there was a print that was really special to me that we hung up. It’s a simple Ikea print. But it wasn’t the print itself that I love – it’s what it symbolizes. I blogged about it HERE – that post was all about “hope” as it was the first tangible thing I had purchased with the hope that someday there would be a new child in our home. A child we did not yet know.

When we hung up the photo in Abby’s room just days before she came home, I wanted to read the blog post again about the print. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had bought the photo and wrote the post on the actual day Abby was born.

When we found out about Abby I had gone through my calendar and facebook and everything I could to see what I was doing on the day she was born. I couldn’t find anything. It drove me crazy not knowing what I did on that actual day – the day my world changed. And now, it turns out I was hoping, and waiting and praying for her when she took her first breath.

Today, my little one turns four. And for the first time – we are together to celebrate her life’s beginning. I take joy in this story above – that even though I was not with her physically at her birth – I was thinking of her on that day and praying for her already.

I can not imagine life without this little one now.

Abigaïlle means “gives joy” and no name was ever more suited for a child. This wee one makes us laugh and smile and savour life. She helps us to see the mundane as new and fresh. She has enriched our lives in the six months she’s been home more than I could ever imagine.

I catch myself saying to myself sometimes “she’s here – she’s really here”. After all those many, many years of waiting it’s still amazing to me that she is here. In our home. Her home. In her room. Sleeping. Eating. Running. Bathing. Playing. Here.

It is an honour to be her mama. To be her constant. Her home. Her safe place. As I have been thinking of her birthday coming up my heart was bursting with all I wanted to write and say – but now that I sit with time to write – all I can think of is how much I love her and what a gift she has been to me. To our family.

I love you Abby. It’s finally the day you’ve been waiting for and talking about since you came home half a year ago… it’s your birthday, little one. We celebrate you.










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2 thoughts on “Happy 4th Birthday

  1. Cherie Martin

    Love your post Krista! Abby is amazing and definitely born to be a Jefferson- from her very first breath! Love her already! Happy Birthday Abby!

  2. Jackie

    Loved reading this update Krista … especially the significance of the day she was born and what you were doing – amazing 🙂 Rhys so enjoyed looking through the pictures with me! He said Abby looks totally suited to be part of the Jefferson family – full of life, big smiles, and lots of laughter 🙂 We loved the Christmas picture with the dog in her arms 🙂 Happy Birthday to Abby!

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