Home sweet home

One week ago today, was a moment I’ll never forget. We walked through the airport with Abby in our arms. We were the last ones off the plane as she needed to use the washroom. As we rounded the corner in the airport to collect our baggage, we heard a loud cheer. There were our cheering squad. Our supporters. Family and friends. The first person I saw was my mom – and when I realized my mom was seeing her granddaughter in person for the first time the tears started. This was real. The world of Abby and home were colliding. Forever. There were hugs. Dancing. Confusion. Photos. Loved ones coming and going. Two and a half hours later, we piled in the car to head home. HOME!

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a week. We all agreed after the first day – it seemed so natural to have Abby at home. Like she’d always been there. Like she belongs. Which she does!

The first few days were just pure bliss – laughter and silliness. Playing, cuddling, dancing, and loving. After a few days and Abby realizing this is home for good, we hit a few bumps in the road to attachment and adjustment which is perfectly normal. Healthy even as this is a huge, unbelievable adjustment – and we want her to fully work through it.

Tonight, while at the park I looked around at the family and my heart nearly exploded. These are my people. What an unbelievable honour to be their mom and wife. There is so much to be said and to journal to remember – but for now, I’ll simply say my heart is full to overflowing. My family is home together. God is good.

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One thought on “Home sweet home

  1. Christina

    Amen! God is good! Will keep praying for you guys 😀

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