Happy Birthday

Happy birthday, Abby girl.


My heart is bursting with love for you today. I may not be physically with you but trust me we are celebrating your life! We’ve re-watched your videos and poured over the photos of you. Dad baked a cake and I iced it pink this morning. Your sisters woke up with shouts of  “happy birthday Abby!”

But as I fell asleep last night thinking about you turning three today, I wondered about that night three years ago. What was it like? Was your birth mama labouring through the night? What was January 10, 2014 like? Was it another hot, sunny day in Haiti? Did you come out with a cry and a scream or wait a moment before belting out hello?

Darling, I don’t know these answers.  But I do know this.

You came into the world and were loved. You were loved by your heavenly Father who was there that first day of Abigaïlle and has been there every day since. But did you know we were praying for you that day? We didn’t know your name. Your face. Your gender or size. But we knew the promise of you and we were praying and loving and believing. We weren’t there for that first cry – but we were here talking to the same heavenly Dad who was there as he listened to our cries for you. Every day we pray for you. We have thought of you. For five and a half years we have been waiting and praying – that means we were praying for you before you were even born! And we will continue every day of your life, sweet girl.

They say the first three years of a child’s life are so vital. We may have only been with you in person 14 of your 1,096 days – but darling, you have been so incredibly loved and cared for. Your home before your forever home has been a place of joy and laughter. Of love and nurture. We are so incredibly thankful you have known what it is to be loved and cared for well. Yet we can’t wait to continue this honour of loving you for the rest of your days. We can’t wait to teach you what a family is and what it means to have a home all of your own.

I don’t know what the future holds. Just as I don’t know all your past, sweet girl. ButI do know this. You are loved far more than you could ever imagine. You are surrounded by a community of Abby lovers everywhere you go – in Haiti now, and a team of them here waiting. But the four biggest Abby fans are waiting with open arms and hearts that leap and ache simultaneously for our girl and wishing you the very happiest of birthdays, precious girl.

Love mom (and dad, Madi and Eden too!)




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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. This is beautiful- thanks for sharing. Happy birthday sweet Abby.

  2. Jim and Martha VH

    So beautifully written and so much from the heart! We are praying with you that the paperwork will be done quickly so that your sweet little girl can come home to Canada! Thanks for sharing your emotion! luvya!

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