I’m still not ready to blog too much about our farewell – it’s still to raw. Too near. So I thought I’d blog on a lighter tone.

I’ve been thinking about how amazing travel is – in particular air travel. This morning I was in Haiti – by supper time I was home in Canada with my other two girls again. Amazing.

As I walked my dogs tonight I was struck by the contrasts of home here in Canada and life in Haiti.

I stepped out at night and confidently walked my dogs in the dark. In Haiti – we never went out after dark.

I simply walked out my door and down my driveway. No big heavy gate to unlock. No gatekeeper.

One of my neighbour’s had mowed their lawn today and the smell of fresh cut grass was so sweet. To say the smells of Haiti are not so sweet is an understatement.

I went to the store tonight and walked into the store. Right inside! I did not go up to a window with bars on it and try to point to what I want and use my broken Creole/French to order a simple drink and snack.

I had a hot shower. Hot. And I left the water on while I lathered up even. Absolute luxury.

As I sit in my home I hear only the sounds of the air conditioner and snoring family members. No dogs wildly fighting or howling or barking constantly. No rooster singing it’s good morning song All. Day. Long. No horns blaring. No sounds of people in the street. No tree frogs.

When we drove tonight, we wore seatbelts. We stopped at stop signs. And we even had stop lights and speed limits. You know – traffic laws.

I marvel at the differences here – but I can’t help but be reminded that even though I am sitting here in Canada on the same day I was in Haiti earlier – there is one that is still in Haiti that has my heart completely.

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