Once a month I get together with girlfriends for breakfast and catching up with each other. We all live in different towns so it’s a great way to connect each month.

Today we met at Ikea – come on! 99cent breakfasts? Hello! And we wandered around the store laughing and gabbing.

Why am I telling you this exciting non-adoption based info?

Well, while at Ikea I bought something for our future child. This is the first thing I’ve bought for them as I keep saying “not until we know who we are proposed” can we start planning and buying and making things and so on.

It’s nothing huge – a print I fell in love with. A whimsical sweet print of a globe with animals and homes and rockets and more on it. (And it was on sale for $4 – score!).  But what it is – is the first tangible thing in our home that says there will someday be a child who has this in their room. A child we don’t yet know – but we have faith that someday we will.

It’s a sign of hope.

And I love that it’s a globe…. showing how our love has stretched across seas and land to someday meet our little one.

(disclaimer – crappy quality iPhone pic of print mentioned  – ahhhhh)

photo 1



Somedays it seems this will never ever ever happen – but now I have this a tangible, visible reminder! And hope. Always hope.



“Adopting one child won’t change the world: but for that child, the world will change.”


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